Peking University, National People's Congress held the same day yesterday, independent enrollment test

Peking University since the liberal arts program written in the Chinese language examination asked candidates to write a proposition essay
(Reporter Wang Xiaoyun Liu Xu) Yesterday, Peking University 2016 independent selection project - independent enrollment, liberal arts talent training program, building a dream plan to conduct a comprehensive test. It is reported that this year to participate in all kinds of self-selected candidates from the Peking University, a total of about 4,000 candidates, "Northern warlords", "Coca-Cola why this translation is better" and other content into the exam, at the same time, Peking University, Write a proposition essay entitled "I in the network". Peking University ordinary recite the language "more difficult than the college entrance examination," Peking University ordinary strokes written yesterday morning at 8 o'clock, 11:00 end. According to the candidates, Peking University generally recruited from the written examination of language, English title of the 50, 50 math topics, all for multiple choice questions. Among them, the language test to the ancient understanding of the ancient poetry appreciation and other content; language reading for the foreign writer Stirling's novel "half sheet". "Textbooks on the content is not much, more emphasis on comprehensive knowledge, feeling more difficult than the college entrance examination," a reporter from Chongqing told Beiqing newspaper reporter. And Peking University generally from the written test at the same time there are Peking University self-styled "liberal arts plan" interview. Outside the examination room, one has just attended the interview of liberal arts candidates told Beiqing newspaper reporter, interview a total of three questions, namely, Chinese questions, historical questions and comprehensive questions. Each question to 3 minutes to prepare time, and then 15 minutes to answer. "Chinese title is the choice of English words, such as Coca-Cola, computers, etc., to explain why this translation is better. History of the interpretation of Wu Peifu, Cao Kun, Duan Qirui and others why is known as the Northern warlords." Comprehensive questions for self-introduction, teacher And then according to candidates apply for professional questions, including candidates were asked "how to look at the relationship between economic development and culture." Burson-Marsteller plan proposition essay test "network of me" "liberal arts plan" written in yesterday afternoon. According to the introduction of the candidates, the liberal arts program written examination requires the addition of history, politics (liberal arts) or physics, chemistry (science) five subjects. "The number of foreign test for three and a half hours, political and historical test for two hours, plus the middle of the rest time, a total of 6 hours in the examination room, feeling still a little tired." A liberal arts candidates told the North Green newspaper Reporter, the Peking University since the liberal arts program language test needs to write a 500 words proposition essay, entitled "I in the network", "I feel this is quite new." This year, Peking University Burson-Marsteller plans a total of 1.2 million people apply, and ultimately more than 2,600 candidates were eligible, the proportion of close to 80%. In this regard, Peking University Admissions relevant person in charge said that the liberal arts program is a reform pilot, not necessarily suitable for all candidates, the higher out of the rate of the plan to meet the concept of selection and requirements of candidates to enjoy more policy advantage. It is reported that Peking University since the selection results will be announced on June 22 or so, candidates can log on the Ministry of Education Sunshine entrance examination platform for inquiries. Candidates who are eligible for self-enrollment are eligible to receive discounts on a line. National People's Congress this year, the first increase in "humanities plus test" Renmin University of self-enrollment re-trial yesterday and today, the school plans to recruit 120 people, including the history of the Chinese Communist Party, Guoxue 9 professional. 1378 candidates this year, enrollment, the primary election, 608 candidates get re-examination qualification. Candidates said that this year's interview topics are more inclined to ask questions within the professional range, difficult to see partial and strange questions, but also less involved in current hot topics. Beiqing newspaper reporter learned that the National People's Congress this year for the first time added a "top human talent plus test" link. "Humanities top-notch talent plus test" is not the form of application, but the first day of the interview when the examination room received five judges unanimously recommended to be eligible to participate in "humanities test." The number of students who pass the test will not exceed 10% of the total number of qualified students in the humanities test class. National People's Congress Admissions Miao Miao introduced this year, the new set of "top human talent plus test" link, from the application of six humanities candidates, selected in the field of humanities with high quality and excellent training potential seedling. "The test will be tomorrow afternoon examination, the form of the examination for the interview, through the interview candidates, the rate of increase from 30 points to 60 points, did not pass the test did not affect other aspects of the results." National People's Congress also introduced, Strokes of the test questions and judges by the school supervisor from the test library and the judges library randomly selected, the judges decided to spot the examination room, the candidates on-site lottery decision test order. At the same time, the interview full camera, examination room, waiting school classroom set shield. The results of the re-examination by the school enrollment work leading group to consider, the final list of qualified students will be June 22 in the NPC sunshine enrollment information platform announced.

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